Welcome to Norman Wells


Please print the appropriate form and fax, email or mail to the Town Office (with payment when applicable).

Ph: 867-587-3700; Fax: 867-587-3701; email: TownInformation@normanwells.com

 If you are filling out a development permit application, and are unsure of your lot/plan number, visit http://atlas.lands.gov.nt.ca/website/norman_wells.asp "go map" to find your information.

Business License Application - If you are looking to start or operate your own business in Norman Wells, several government regulations and legal aspects must be considered as you pursue your venture.  You will want to consider some, or all of the following:

Business License Application

  1. Certificate of Compliance - You will need to attach a copy of this certificate (obtained from the Worker's Compensation Board of the NWT) to your business license application. The WCB also has regulations that affect employees' safety, which you should be aware of. The toll-free phone number for the WCB in Yellowknife is 1-800-661-0792.
  2. Business License - You must obtain a business license from the Town of Norman Wells. The phone number for the Town is 867-587-3700; either the Town Manager can approve it, or it will go to the Town Council for review and decision. The former generally takes a couple of days - the latter up to two weeks. There is an annual fee of $75 - $300.
  3. Registration with Legal Registries, Department of Justice - All businesses operating in the NWT (including those based in other provinces or territories) must register with the Department of Justice. The Legal Registries office is located in Yellowknife; their website is located at http://www.justice.gov.nt.ca/LegalRegistries/legalreqistries.htm and their toll free phone number is 1-877-743-3302.
  4. Business Number and GST - Businesses are issued numbers to simplify dealings with various government agencies. Details about obtaining a number are available from the Yellowknife office of the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (Toll free 1-800-959-5525). This department also requires that you register for Income Tax, Canada Pension Plan and Employment Insurance purposes. Furthermore, if your business has annual revenues over $30,000. you must also register for the GST. (The Northwest Territories has no sales tax other than the 7% GST).
  5. Northwest Territories Payroll Tax - Any business starting in the Northwest Territories must register for this tax within 21 days of paying an employee. You can get details on how to register from the GNWT's Department of Finance, Taxation Division (Toll Free: 1-800-661-0820).
  6. Business Incentive Policy (BIP) - The BIP is a policy affecting GNWT contracting activities, which may affect your business. The GNWT gives an incentive (a bid adjustment) to registered Northern Businesses that bid on contracts for providing goods and services to the GNWT and the public.

For more information, please contact:
The BIP Monitoring Office, Department Industry, Tourism and Investment, Yellowknife, NT, Ph: 867-873-7215 or 920-3182;  http://www.iti.gov.nt.ca/iea/bip/pdf/application_oct603.pdf