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Business Directory

Sahtu Gardens

Flower & Vegetable Production

Contact Person: Britt Wever
Tel: 703-352-3073
Location: 107 Mackenzie Drive X0E 0V0 Norman Wells , NT

Sarai's Beauty & Gift Baskets

Selling Essential Oils, Products made from Essential Oils & as many Organic Sources as Possible, Assembling and Selling Gift Baskets and Flowers

Contact Person: Kimberly-Ann Rose
Tel: 867-587-5061
Location: 10 Woodland Avenue unit 3013 X0E 0V0 Norman Wells , NT


Oilfield Services

Tel: 587-2645
Fax: 587-2728
Location: 123 Mackenzie Drive (Bag Service 6000) X0E 0V0 Norman Wells , NT

Scott's Taxi

Ground Transportation, School Bus, Pilot Trucks, Hot Shots

Contact Person: Molly Scott
Tel: 867-587-2122
Fax: 867-587-2122
Location: Box 437 X0E 0V0 Norman Wells , NT

Shehtah Nabors

Oil and Gas Well Servicing and Drilling

Contact Person: Margaret Gorman, Joe Bruce
Tel: 867-920-2764
Fax: 867-669-7525
Location: 4504-49th Ave PO Box 2725, Suite 401 X1A 2R1 Yellowknife , NT

Shyviolet Holistics

Reiki & Reflexology

Contact Person: Jenna Gauthier
Tel: 204-960-6435
Location: Box 324 X0E 0V0 Norman Wells , NT

Summit Helicopters

Rotary Aircraft Charter

Tel: 867-765-5969
Fax: 867-669-2026
Location: 2975 Airport Road V2B 7W8 Kamloops , BC

Taiga Services

Fur Sales

Contact Person: Richard Popko
Tel: 867-587-2648
Location: Box 390 X0E 0V0 Norman Wells , NT

Tamarack Enterprises


Contact Person: Martin Rojek
Tel: 867-587-2761
Location: Box 365 X0E 0V0 Norman Wells , NT


Residential Retrofitting and Renovations, Saw Mill Operations & Solid Waste Hauling

Contact Person: Adelbert Whiteman
Tel: 867-587-2014
Location: Box 227 X0E 0V0 Norman Wells , NT